Being arrested because of driving under the influence of alcohol is stressful. Not only that you are intoxicated at the time of arrest but your reputation is also at stake. But there are best practices you can do if you’re arrested for DUI or DWI driving. One is taking advantage exercising your constitutional rights because these will protect and help you from incriminating yourself. Check out http://kcdwi.org to get started.

You have the right to remain silent, so you are not obliged to answer the questions of the investigator or police at the time of your DUI or Dwi arrest. If you’re drunk, it is very important to refrain from uttering any statement because you may say something that can incriminate you. You also have the right to get your own lawyer. So once you’re taken to the police station, you should be given an opportunity to contact your DUI or DWI lawyer. The police officer must allow you to have your lawyer present during questioning. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, then you have the right to have someone represent you or also called as a public defender. It is also your right to refuse to undergo a field sobriety or breathalyzer test before your DUI or DWI arrest, but this may vary from one state to another, and there might be serious consequences for refusal to undergo such tests like driver license’s suspension for up to a year. For more details, visit http://kcdwi.org.

Your DWI or DUI lawyer wants to know all the details about your arrest, so you need to tell your lawyer how you were first initially pulled over. Was it because you have committed a traffic violation or you were driving too slow? Or was it because there was a sobriety roadblock set up to pull over motorists and perform testing for drunk driving. It is also essential for your attorney to know what type of tests that were performed like walking in a straight line or standing on one leg for sobriety tests. Inform your DUI or DWI lawyer the activities you have done prior to the arrest and other conditions that might have contributed to your arrest. For instance, if you had an overtime from work that caused sleep deprivation or sickness that could support your disorientation and failed a sobriety test.

In short, a UI or DWI lawyer can help you establish proof that you are innocent and defend you up until the end, or reduce your sentence or dismiss a case basing on pieces of evidence laid. If you are looking for a trusted, credible and reliable DUI or DWI lawyer, feel free to view our website or contact us directly.

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